Flowers For the Dead by Barbara Copperthwaite

Flowers for the DeadFlowers for the Dead by Barbara Copperthwaite
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firstly I would like to thank the ladies at Mim's Book Club for recommending this to me. I have heard lots of good things about Flowers For The Dead at the last two meetups. And I have to say they wasn't wrong. I am so glad I bumped it up my tbr pile after buying it in December.

This book is one hell of read and totally took my breath away. Seriously I thought I was going to have an heart-attack. My heart was racing that hard I actually had an OMG moment where I found myself covering my mouth saying oh my god. This is one hell of a white knuckle ride I was gripped from the start. I loved the fact that it was so twisted and warped and you never knew what Adam was going to do next.

Adam Bourne is a serial killer who thinks he is a saviour. When he murders his victims and cuts off the women's lips, he believes he has done it to make them happy. The story flicks back to different times of Adam's life where we learn his life has a child with his nan that he adored and how he grows up to be a inhumanly cruel person. Then he meets Laura Weir, Adam weaves a fairy tale romance around them which she has no idea she is part of.

This is very well written and Barbara keeps you on tenterhooks all the way through. I also love the fact and we know who the serial killer is throughout the book, is a very original. And we get an insight to the serial killers dark, twisted mind. So this isn't your normal guess who did it book. I love the fact it is set in an area that I know. I will definitely be looking over my shoulder next time I am in Birmingham.

If you are a fan of tense, creepy, psychological thrillers Flowers For The Dead is a must read. It will literally have you on the edge of your sit holding your breath! I highly recommend it giving it 5 stars.

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