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Missing in Shanghai by Jean Harrod #Review

The Book

A gripping, fast-paced thriller, set in present-day London and in Shanghai in1984. 
Entrapment, betrayal, and espionage lurk beneath the pages, with an ending you won't see coming. 

Jess is working on the China desk in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It's her job to ensure the State visit of the Chinese Premier runs smoothly. But tensions are running high. Jess uncovers a shocking secret - a British diplomat, Marianne Henderson, went missing in Shanghai in 1984 and has never been seen again. Not only that, all evidence she ever existed vanished with her. When Jess starts asking questions, she is warned off. But she is caught up in a chain of events she has no power to control. As she digs in the past to find out what happened to Marianne, Jess finds herself in grave danger

Missing in Shanghai: Jess Turner in London and Shanghai by Jean Harrod
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Missing in Shanghai is the third book in the Jess Turner Diplomatic Crime Thriller series. I have to s…

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