Invisible by Barbara Copperthwaite

InvisibleInvisible by Barbara Copperthwaite
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having Loved Flowers For The Dead earlier this year I couldn't wait to get stuck into Invisible which is actually the authors debut book. And has always I will be totally honest. I started this book thinking its a Marmite book after being told that. And whoever told me that is so wrong I actually think it is has good has Flowers For the Dead if not better! I have to say this is a totally different novel. From the story line to how its written but I loved everything about it. It is without a doubt fan-flipping-tastic.

Having not read the blurb,all I knew about the story line is that its about a lorry driver now I have read the book, there is actually more to this story than just a lorry driver. This is actually a story written has a diary so each page you read is a diary entry. We follow a story about a woman who's name is never revealed throughout the whole story. Just her husband using pet names like Gorgeous or Babe. Which I found intriguing Having been married nine years she feels something isn't right with herself, her marriage and her husband.Until one explosive night she finds a possible answer. And that was the moment I found myself saying OH MY GOD and it made my stomach turn! seriously I wasn't expecting that.

With the story being told from her point of view there were moments when I wanted to shake her and say Really! but also feeling sorry for her at the same time. But I did love her sarcastic sense of humor she had which I could totally relate to being like that myself.

The authors writing skills are so well crafted I could feel the tension and emotion in the court room bringing a tear to my eye.

I seriously think everyone that as read Flowers For The Dead should read Invisible. In fact I think this is a must read for Physiological thriller fans. It is one well and truly twisted and gripping read which I highly recommend giving it 5 massive stars.

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