Her Last Secret by Barbara Copperthwaite #BlogTour

I am super excited to share my 5 star review with you on blog tour for Her Last Secret by Barbara Copperthwaite which is out today. You can grab your copy on the link below

The Book

Some secrets you can never tell.

Everyone thinks the Thomases are the perfect family: grand London house, gorgeous kids.

They don’t know wife Dominique is a paranoid wreck.

They don’t know husband Ben is trapped in a web of deceit.

They don’t know daughter Ruby lives in fear of the next abusive text.

But someone knows all their secrets.

Can the lies that bind them destroy them all?

This dark, gripping psychological thriller will have you holding your breath until the very last page. Fans of Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl, and The Girl on the Train will be captivated.

My Thoughts
Those of you that follow my blog will know that I am a massive fan of Barbara’s writing. So I couldn't wait to get started on her latest psychological thriller. Not reading the blurb I jump straight to read a prologue that  takes place on Christmas day  where the police find a family in a London home lying lifeless. Here I am thinking its going to be a domestic noir which I have to say I am not a big fan of and I was thinking I am not going to like this.Then Boom a twist that I didn't see coming totally sets the scene for what is to come. I was like OMG that was it for me I was well and truly hooked and read it in one afternoon.

The author takes us back the 17th December counting the days until Christmas day. We follow two story lines running side by side flicking back to the crime scene on Christmas day. Talk about building up the tension is this one very well crafted story that had me guessing right until the very end!

I am not a fan of christmas so a crime set at christmas time was perfect for me.This is one extremely well crafted story that will keep you on tenterhooks that’s for sure.

In this story we meet Dominique, mother of teenager Ruby and younger sister mouse and married to Ben. Who are all very believable and realistic and we get to know each one of them very well. Not only do we feel the tension in this story put we also feel the emotion through the author’s writing. Barbara has an incredible gift of stucking you in and taking you on a rollercoaster ride of your life from start to end.

One of the things that I love about Barbara’s stories is that she always gives us something different with every book she writes. And this one is oh so different. I love the use of short and snappy chapters each one leaving me wanting more.

This is one hell of engaging read the author certainly knows how to keep your attention. This is without a doubt Barbara's best book to date It has totally blown me away. It is a must read for fans of Louise Jensen. I cannot recommend this enough giving it 5 easy stars.

Thank you to Bookouture for inviting me to take part in this fabulous tour.

Amazon Links: UK https://static.fbhx1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/ff5/2/16/1f1ec_1f1e7.pngπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ http://amzn.to/2eOtJtF 
US https://static.fbhx1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/ff2/2/16/1f1fa_1f1f8.pngπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ http://amzn.to/2jhcE0G

Author Bio:
What people say about Barbara's books:
"Will have you looking over your shoulder and under your bed... Original, gripping, with a deep psychological impact," Sunday Mirror 
"Enthralling, tense and moving," Real People magazine 
"Totally gripping, and scarily believable," Bella magazine

Barbara is the author of psychological thrillers INVISIBLE and FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD. Both have been Amazon best sellers. She is also the author of THE DARKEST LIES, and her latest book HER LAST SECRET is out on 13 October.

Much of her success is thanks to her twenty-odd years' experience as a national newspaper and magazine journalist. She's interviewed the real victims of crime - and also those who have carried those crimes out. Thanks to people sharing their stories with her, she knows a lot about the emotional impact of violence and wrong-doing. That's why her novels are dark, realistic and tackle not just the crime but its repercussions.

When not writing feverishly, she is often found hiding behind a camera, taking wildlife photographs. 

Author Social Media Links:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorBarbaraCopperthwaite
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCopperthwait
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/author_barbara_copperthwaite/
Website: www.barbaracopperthwaite.com


  1. Thank you for this INCREDIBLE review! Really appreciate you taking the time to read my book - especially as you were the first! xx

  2. Barbara Copperthwaite is an excellent novelist. I can't wait to read Her Last Secret.


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