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Doorways by Robert Enright #Review

Doorways by Robert Enright
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

OH MY DAYS what was I thinking.....I am always saying I read anything BUT Sci-fi. After reading this Robert Enright has made me see Sci-Fi in a whole different light. Doorways is mixed with crime so we get the mystery and thriller element in this exciting, action packed story making it the perfect combination.

I have to say what a wicked imagination the author has and delivers one hell of an engrossing read. I was hooked from start to finish devouring it in two sittings.

In this story we meet Bermuda an agent who has passed to the otherside and returned with an ability to see "others" The otherside is watched over by the BTCO, a highly secret government agency. Bermuda and his partner Argyle a warrior from the otherside and they are assigned to a case of a missing woman. As Bermuda delves further into the disappearance, he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the truce between two worlds...and finds himself in a …

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